Analysing Your Needs – What to look for in a Haulage Company

Let’s say you’re a business looking for a haulage company to deliver your goods. What are your goods and what type of service do you require? In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing what to look for in a haulage company based on your needs, and what to look for in the services they provide.

General Goods

A well-established, reputable company is the obvious go-to if you have general goods that need either transporting or storing. It may be tempting to go for a cheap and less reputable option or even to do it yourself, but we highly advise against this. There is risk involved even with delivery/storage of the most basic goods, and without using a qualified company, you risk damage to your goods or possible injury to yourself and others.

Hazardous Goods

Understandably, precautions must be taken when a company handles hazardous goods. You must seek out a company that has all the necessary qualifications to carry and store these materials, with employees carrying such qualifications as DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) and ADR (Dangerous Goods By Road). Swannell’s drivers are qualified as such.


Food can perish if not handled properly, so separate qualifications are needed in this regard. For instance, Swannell’s are BRC Qualified to handle and store food goods. BRC Global Standards was founded in 1996 to help oversee quality food safety across different areas of supply. With a qualification like this, you can rest assured that the company will handle and store your food goods strictly within the guidelines that benefit them.


Security should be one of the highest priorities when storing your products. A company with a large, secure warehouse is advisable for safe storage of your goods. Swannell’s has 60,000 square feet of storage space for anything from regular goods to food, to hazardous materials.

As you may have gleaned from reading this blog, Swannells Transport is qualified to cover all of these bases. Whether it’s transport/warehousing for food, hazardous goods, or more, Swannell’s has all the necessary requirements and experience to provide outstanding service for your needs.

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