How To Enjoy A Long Journey

How To Enjoy A Long Journey

Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

As a part of Haulage and Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire, experienced and reliable individuals are tasked with long journeys almost every day, with the responsibility of delivering potentially fragile and/or dangerous goods to a client. Due to the weight and the size of the vehicle, and the conditions you have to drive in, allocating the right driver for the job can be a difficult situation because they have to be properly trained and experienced as well as know how to be safe driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle.

For example, your mental health is extremely important to us, and it is essential that you have the right trust in yourself and are in an exceptional state to drive these huge vehicles a long distance. Not only will this build a trusty relationship between manager and worker, but will prevent more accidents involving HGV’s.

At Swannells Transport, we want our trained drivers to enjoy the journey, rather than tolerate it. There can be a real pleasure in driving long distances – despite the potential bad weather, congested roads and the risk of damaging the loaded goods, a healthy state will enjoy the freedom, the scenery etc.

We want to help out our fellow drivers who have to face long journeys daily, here are our top tips on how to enjoy a long journey when working for warehousing companies in Cambridgeshire:

Keep Yourself in Check

You can’t enjoy a journey if you are hungry or tired, it’s also really unsafe! Make sure you have a good nights sleep the night before and a good old breakfast in the morning. The energy will keep you going and focused on your long journey. Also, it might be a good idea to allow extra journey time, in case of an emergency or you need to stop!

Prepare Well!

To make the journey as enjoyable as possible you should have your vehicle checked over before leaving for your long journey, and if you do. You can do this by:

    • Having your vehicle regularly checked.
    • Making sure you have enough petrol, and that you take a route with a petrol station nearby.
    • Making sure your seatbelt works and you wear it at ALL TIMES.
    • Adjusting your head restraint so it is the right height for you – the widest part of the restraint should be in line with the top of your ears. Doing so can help prevent neck injuries in case of an accident.
    • The load is properly secure and spread in your vehicle.
    • You have checked the weight limitations of your vehicle and made sure the load you will be carrying is obeying those limitations.

Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

Take Advantage of Your Radio

Depending on what vehicle you have can depend on the features provided for you. You can enjoy some musical entertainment by putting on the radio, you could download a podcast on your phone then listen to it in your vehicle using an AUX cable (although you need to have an AUX plug) or you could even listen to an audiobook! When you are driving a large, heavy vehicle you need to keep focused at all times, and these three activities are easy to set up and will keep you entertained for a few hours.

Stop Regularly

Like I said earlier, you will have to allow extra time by leaving earlier, but making time to stop driving, whether it is just a stretch and a walk or enjoying some food in a cafe, can really make all of the difference. You might just be sitting down and moving your arms for a few hours, but everyone can understand the struggle of a long journey, especially as you are constantly focused on the road and not damaging the load inside.

Keep Hydrated

On top of all of that, you should also have plenty of water and snacks close by. Driving can not only be exhausting, but your constant focusing can cause you to become hungry and dehydrated, and not having food and drink with you can make you quite irritable, where you, therefore, can’t enjoy your long journey. Keep yourself refreshed and energised with some food and drinks in arms reach.

At Swannells Transport, we aren’t just one of those warehousing companies in Cambridgeshire, we are an experienced, leading team of individuals ready to deliver the highest standards of professional service we could possibly provide. Contact us today for more information

Thank you for reading, enjoy your journey!

Clean Air Policy – Swannells – Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

Trading conditions on British high streets could be more difficult for businesses following the announcement of the government’s plans on air quality, according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The plan fails to give any clarity or certainty over what will happen, but it could result in diesel vehicles being restricted in 38 cities and towns across the UK. The FTA, says these kinds of restrictions could potentially directly penalise operators who are providing vital goods and services to businesses and consumers. The FTA also say that high street prices could increase to cover the costs of transportation.

Swannells – Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

Christopher Snelling, Head of National and Regional Policy of the FTA, had this to say: “At a time when British businesses, particularly sole traders and SMEs, are under intense financial pressure, a clean air plan that will penalise vital logistics operators and prevent them from reaching customers in our towns and cities would be a massive blow,”

He continued: “With hardworking families already feeling the strain caused by rising inflation and continued economic uncertainty about Brexit, the announcement will increase the pressure on small businesses and the high street, the backbone of the UK’s trading environment.

Warehousing Cambridgeshire, warehousing companies in cambridgeshire

Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire – Swannells

He continued: “Truck and van users will be furious when they see how the Government is targeting commercial vehicles in its proposals. The latest generation of HGVs are the cleanest vehicles on the road but also the most expensive. The real problem is 12 million diesel cars yet there is nothing in the Consultation to support commercial vehicle users through these changes. This is another example of politics getting in the way of progress.”

Under the new plan, which was announced on the 5th May, vans older than just 2 and a half years, as well as lorries older than 5 years, will be charged a fee every day for entering a Clean Air Zone. According to the FTA’s Van Excellence Report 2016, there are currently more tan 4 million vans on Britains roads.

Swannells – Warehousing Companies in Cambridgeshire

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