Building An Environmentally Friendly Logistics Industry

Nurturing an environmentally friendly, sustainable supply chain will benefit the environment and the future of the industry significantly. Across the entire national (and international) economy, the environment is a topic that has risen to the top of the agenda in recent years and become a priority for the majority of companies. 

The logistics industry is undoubtedly one of the most significant contributors to environmental issues as a result of the high number of deliveries and distributions that take place every day. However, that is all beginning to change as eco-friendly becomes the new trend. Courtesy of Swannells Transport, here are a few ways your transportation and warehousing network can go green.

Set Goals

One of the most motivating ways to do anything, in fact, is to set goals. Ambitious goals will spark action within the workplace e.g. Nestlé has committed to cutting food loss and waste in half by 2030. Setting a goal such as improving fuel efficiency or recycling more etc. will drive initiative for all of the team involved and get things done. 

Improving Fuel Efficiency

Haulage companies in Huntingdon – Improving Fuel Efficiency

The amount of fuel we use and waste during a journey is a particular factor that has seriously affected the environment in recent years. Analysing driver performance and efficient journey preparation will provide an opportunity to resolve this issue. This includes identifying how drivers function, whether drivers are taking efficient routes and what are the changes that can be made to improve fuel efficiency within your supply chain. 

A top tip would be to prepare for your journeys ahead. This includes having a full tank before departure, planning your route and anticipating traffic/roadworks, as well as bringing along any necessary food, drink or accessories that will prevent any detours or stops. 

Reduce Wasted Driving Time

“Empty miles” is a term often used to describe a driver’s non-revenue or “deadhead” mileage. These refer to the miles used that are not earning money or pays a large cost to the economy… essentially wasted miles. It would be beneficial to implement an effective strategy that will reduce the number of empty miles used in the business e.g. limit number of stops or route planning.


As well as switching up driving techniques, there are also several ways you can make a big difference in your warehouse space. One of the most praised changes is switching to eco-friendly packaging. This can include choosing locally sourced packaging rather than nationally shipped or reducing the amount of plastic or non-recyclable materials you use to pack. 

Analyse Warehouse Space

Haulage companies in huntingdon
Haulage companies in Huntingdon – Analysing Your Warehouse Space

The space within your warehouse is genuinely important when it comes to design and management efficiency and there are plenty of ways you can adjust this without having to spend a penny. For example, organising your warehouse into a layout that cuts the distance traveled between actions, reducing both labour and energy costs.

In addition to this, a clean and systematic layout allows many warehousing teams to work quicker and more sensibly, as well as within a smaller facility, or avoid expanding. 

A Less Wasteful Warehouse System

A less wasteful warehouse will help reduce the amount of waste that can be problematic to the environment. Proper disposal and recycling within the supply chain will improve resourcefulness and minimise the amount of wasted resources overall. Be sure to educate all warehouse (and driver) staff of these new rules for sustainability.

Swannells Transport – haulage companies in Huntingdon

Here at Swannells Transport, we are aware and fully comprehend the seriousness of improving our carbon footprint and economical value within the industry. However, many businesses searching for a haulage companies in Huntingdon will often find us. We have built an enviable reputation as a warehousing and distribution company you can trust to provide a high quality, supportive service. Give us a call today on 01487 822065.

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