It’s National Lorry Week!

Every year, National Lorry Week celebrates the UK’s fifth-largest industry, the road transport industry. This vital and often-overlooked role is responsible for transporting and delivering 98% of our essential consumer goods across the nation, including food and medicine – so it deserves a little celebration.

Considering the dent Coronavirus has had on the economy, it’s been amazing to be part of an industry that has continued to thrive their workload and be the backbone of the nation so desperately needed. That’s why the sixth National Lorry Week is rumoured to become bigger and better the ever before. 

Running from 16th-22nd November, well-known organisations including National Lorry Week and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have launched a variety of activities this year, from careers to success stories, to help encourage young people and those who may be considering joining the next generation of drivers, managers, and technicians.

Haulage Company in Cambridgeshire
Haulage Company in Cambridgeshire

1 in 12 of the UK’s workforce are involved in logistics. With hundreds of logistic companies and organisations, there are thousands of different career paths and responsibilities that will support the process. 

For the next 5 days, there will be a variety of stories available on National Lorry Week, from people who have successfully made a career in the sector. Their stories talk about their journeys, and what it means to work such a vital role. 

In addition to this, to educate young children on the industry that fills the shop’s shelves and keeps the country from struggling, the RHA is hosting three competitions for Nurseries, Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools across the nation – with opportunities to win up to £1000 worth of Amazon vouchers for the school. 

Europe’s largest truck wash, Lymm Truckwash, has partnered with the RHA to hold an open day on Thursday 19th November, where a range of companies including D4Drivers, Snap, and Maple Fleet, will be on-site to offer free industry advice and goodie bags! 

With so much on offer this week, National Lorry Week is an exciting time of year for the sector and the perfect opportunity for people to find out more about the road transport industry.

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