What Can Haulage Companies Do To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

As the years go by, there is an increasing need for every business and organisation to be more considerate of their carbon footprint every day. The transportation industry is undoubtedly the reason why fuel consumption in the country is so high, but we are also responsible for over 80% of all goods transported across the country and overseas, so the industry and workload is vital for the economy.

Across all sectors nationwide, a review of existing processes and systems is underway to identify the strengths and weaknesses, and any opportunities to minimise these impacts at a significant rate. Asa Haulage company in Cambridgeshire, we understand that achieving this will be a huge step in support for not only the UK but the world’s climate targets in creating a brighter future and less-damaged environment for generations to come.

Improving sustainability standards within the transportation industry will involve important evolution in how communities move around, how products are transported, and how future road routes are designed. But there are also plenty of things HGV drivers individually can do to reduce their company’s carbon footprint. 

1. Walk or bike to work

While you can’t exactly avoid these long journeys in your HGV, as it is your job and it is the most effective way of transporting goods to short and long distances, you definitely can adjust your method of transportation on getting to work and back. If you live a reasonable distance from your workplace, biking and walking are healthy, eco-friendly alternatives. Don’t forget… Every little helps!

Walking or Biking to Work: Reducing our Carbon Footprint as a Haulage company in Cambridgeshire

2. Don’t run on empty

It is estimated that around a third of HGVs run empty during their journey. This occurs more frequently on the vehicle’s journey home, as most drivers tend to fill up before or during the journey ahead, so the return leg of the journey is essentially an empty trip – increasing in carbon footprint and wasting time, money, and fuel.

In addition to this, due to the increasing expenses of running this type of business, there is an escalating pressure for haulage companies to minimise costs by day. And it’s safe to say, HGVs running on empty doesn’t contribute to that nicely. Make sure your vehicle has a reasonable amount of petrol throughout the whole trip – making use of this can help cut out millions of miles of journeys with empty vehicles, reducing your carbon footprint and improving costs, too.

3. Watch your speed limit

This goes hand in hand with being safe on the road, in general, but one of the simplest and easiest ways to help reduce your carbon footprint is to adapt an effective driving habit of watching your speed limit. The more you put your foot down, the harder it will be to avoid emitting extra CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Haulage company in Cambridgeshire
Watch Your Speed Limit: Haulage company in Cambridgeshire

4. Recycle rubbish

Long journeys will definitely involve some snacks and drinks on the way. It keeps drivers energised and motivated throughout the day. However, eating and drinking in your vehicle will inevitably cause a build-up of rubbish, especially if you don’t have your own little bin. 

As this is your job, the presentation of your vehicle will represent your company, so it’s important it is clean and free from rubbish. When disregarding your plastic bottles and food wrappers, be sure to dispose of them appropriately using bins and recycling sources.

5. Plan your routes to minimise driving time

Planning your route before leaving for your journey will not only keep you organised, but it will also save time and petrol. Getting lost is also very irritating! If you take a wrong turn, come across a big traffic jam, or a road closure, you are forced to turn around and find a different route to make your delivery on time. 

Relevantly, this extra driving time will increase the fuel consumption of your journey. Perhaps not a lot, but enough to produce more greenhouse gases. And now more than ever, creating sustainable transport is vital for the industry.

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